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So what is it that I love about arts and crafts and creativity?

WORDS – give meaning, roll of the tongue and illicit sensations and feelings, create visions and a whole new delightfully descriptive world

QUOTES – inspiration, motivation, the ‘ah-hah’ moment, couldn’t have said it better, that another has had the same thought or feeling and expressed it so perfectly – succinctly – capturing the essence of Being – describing a deep heart-felt and at times soul felt need, desire or bittersweet feeling

COLOUR – visual food, inspiration and pleasure, almost orgiastic at times, flooding the sense, and downright sensual that matches an intense sense of peace, joy, happiness and bliss

MOVEMENT – across a page, drawing the eye in to look for detail, and I am reminded of my childhood – looking for fairies and fairy dells on my many numerous country trips with my parents as we travelled to church wherever dad was preaching .. in an effort by my mother to keep me quiet, entertained, distracted and occupied on the long trips. To this day I still look for fairy homes.

DETAIL – looking for what’s hidden, tucked away, that might be a vision of an other-world. Instilling in me a childhood joy and pleasure of escaping from mundanity. I guess I know now why I have such an eye for detail, which assists me so much in my work.

SYMMETRY and CONNECTIONS – linking things together … ‘which one of these things doesn’t belong’ to coin the Sesame Street game. Creating associations with life and experiences, promoting recall and memories of life.

  • Poetry in Motion
  • Life in Motion
  • Beauty in Movement
  • Captured on a Canvas of varying media

I come back to detail .. the child looking for ‘Wally’ tho this was developed and inherent long before the “Where’s Wally” books. I recall a visit to the art gallery earlier in the year with my friends … tho I can’t recall the name of the artist .. a European man who came to Australia in the 19th century and captured such incredibly detailed scenes where one had to look closely to see what was hidden within. I guess this is partly why I love the pre-Raphaelites .. the detail ..the total amazement that someone can capture such intricate detail on a canvas … illicit such magic, indeed romantic images .. bittersweet and heartfelt … emotive works of beauty, full of colour and detail where I can get lost for hours .. and looking at them I have a sense of peace, flow, joy, happiness and pure pleasure … stimulating my senses. These appeal so very much to me.

Exploring my creativity, challenging myself, using mind, hands and eyes to create a landscape that inspires me and pleases me … a sense of fulfillment, of experimenting and experiencing for myself. An opportunity to express myself in words, art and crafting … to sit back and breathe the beautiful sigh of appreciating personally created work.

I stop to think of all the creative arts and crafts I have explored … the list is long and varied ..

  • Cross-stitch, embroidery, wool embroidery, patchwork, quilting, dress-making, knitting, crochet …
  • Pottery, ceramics, sculpting …
  • Sketching, painting, calligraphy, folk-art …
  • Card-making and stamping, paper-making, book crafting …
  • Soap making and natural cosmetics, candle-making …
  • Potpourri and herb crafts …
  • Photography …
  • Journaling and blogging …
  • Cloth doll and teddy bears …

My house is a work of creative art … filled with the things that give me pleasure, remind me of my travels and people I’ve met … places I’ve seen … and the things I most enjoy. A place of refuge and creative inspiration.


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