gallery Reflections on art and creativity

Hmmm all I wanna do is draw and paint and write and read and take photos …. This creativity mood is seriously upon me .. Sadly the perfectionist pedantic and organised nature is also in full swing … So I’m working on trying to blend the two …

Checked out books on kindle around art and creative journalling, painting and drawing … A couple of helpful ones I’ve downloaded to get me thinking and started … Couldn’t find a really good one to start from the beginning as I realised how much I’d forgotten of art work … And then decided to create my own ready reference and play with the different mediums and colours I have and to begin experimenting 🙂

My biggest issue – well one of them – is that my mind is full to overflowing with ideas and there’s not enough time in the day nor do I find myself able to do what I want … Then realisation hits that its about the process – the journey – and the enjoyment along the way … So I’m putting that to the forefront and going with the enjoyment of the journey in self discovery of creating and doodling and above all HAVING FUN with it all 🙂

Grabbed a couple of books off my shelf … ‘Creative Journal Writing’ by Stephanie Dowrick and ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron … Shame on me that I’ve not read them before …but as I know .. when the time is right they almost jump off the shelf begging for attention.

Spent some time – a lil -sorting out my pens and papers and paints and bagged them into a cane basket I’d forgotten I had so they’re all together. Moved an old school desk I picked up many years onto the patio I sit under so I can play outside. Googled local art stores and found one close. Visited it the other day to stock up on some art materials and found they stock the wonderful Strathmore art journals. So now I’m happily organised. It’s time to begin – or rather keep moving with it … to let it flow and to have a go … and to take my analytical mind out of the equation and to laugh and enjoy it as a fun exercise. I’m not doing this for profit .. but for me .. because i enjoy it 🙂

As Pablo Picasso said … “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” and I find this is very much what it is .. therapeutic, healing, taking out of the over-crowded mind and placing thoughts and images onto paper.

And Scott Adams “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” It is creativity that is foremost my driving need .. art is one medium, journalling and blogging another …so many creative outlets.

I love quotes, obviously inherited from my father given the number of notebooks he has filled, and a small locally published booklet on quotes … the love of words from my mother … A beautiful memory popped into my head .. visually as always … of my mother sitting in the back seat of the car with my son aged bout 3 talking bout words .. and getting him to repeat them … ‘Deliciously, Decadently, Deliriously, Delightfully … ‘ whilst I was driving in the country with my parents.

Googling quotes on art and creativity the following brought a smile to my face as I saw the visual … “Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.” Gilbert K Chesterton …. Hmmm this certainly depicts the fun side of drawing … particularly as I’m sitting up in my comfy bed as its rather chilly – well in my perspective given I live in a sub-tropical region … thought the real estate agents may not be too impressed 🙂

But for now it’s time to move and get ready for work….


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