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This delightful new city I now call my home, and the beautiful serenity of living life by myself has allowed me the opportunity to let my creativity flow. So many ideas and thoughts now constantly fill my mind, and I find myself now wanting to put pen to paper electronically more often than I have done in recent times. I have numerous handwritten journals as I still find that is the easiest way for me to get what flows through my mind out.

However I have been conscious that I’ve neglected my website/blog, so I’m making a concerted effort to reconnect with it and use it as an alternative medium. In doing so I started a list yesterday of the themes running through my mind on which I know I need to blog on. Oh boy it’s rather long 🙂 but that’s ok … It’s a wonderful place to start 🙂

Having always had a passion for art and craft and journalling, I explored a number of websites, purchased kindle books and grabbed my sketchbooks, pens, pencils and paints … Ones I’ve collected over a period of time waiting for the ideal opportunity 🙂 as they say … No time like the present. So I finally began .. and I am loving every minute of it l.. wanting more time to do so .. And finally learning to not be so pedantic and reign in the perfectionist side of myself. And I have found a total peace in doing so … no longer the constant strive to complete something, nor the frustration of unfinished pieces .. but finally learning to appreciate the journey, the glow, the time and the art of creativity itself. And in doing side I have discovered another magickal aspect of life 🙂

When I first started with pencil in my journal, I decided to dedicate a page to ME .. The space I am currently in 🙂



After reading about affirmations, manifesting and focusing on creating the life I want, I created a creativity poster board to capture and give thought to what creativity and creating means to me.


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