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Wrote this about a month ago. The word sometimes. Well it tends to come up when i get to contemplating on life and the universe …

Sometimes we realise we let everyone else get in the way of our own lives. We live through them – vicariously – living their dreams and buying in to give us something to cling to. This was certainly a stage I went through a few years ago until I realised what it was I was doing … Ugh … Not a pleasant place to be. But at the time it was all I could honestly manage emotionally … and I guess that was the turning point – or at least one of many – in my life …

Sometimes we stop – suddenly – and realise that while we’re busy living other peoples lives we’ve forgot to live our own. Presence of thought – of mind, body and soul … stopping for that short second to realise what we’re doing … and in that split second is the door that opens … the opportunity to change tack and step onto a different path … that or our own …

Sometimes I wonder why we’re here … what purpose does it serve. It seems to be never ending, tho each day brings new experiences… what does it all achieve? Unless there is pleasure, all else seems meaningless… Unless there is sharing and interaction, life feels like a void. Unless there’s emotions and feelings, life seems pointless. We search for happiness and abundance, peace and serenity, yet what does that bring us and what does it mean?

The most pleasure feels in sharing. Every level. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yet when one is alone, all else seems pointless. What’s the use in accumulating anything when there is no one to share life with on an intimate level. Perhaps this is what is so important. The need and desire to share and not be an island. To be in companionship rather than to be lonely.

At times I feel incomplete alone, although I am totally able, capable and adjusted. At times being by myself is not as pleasant as I thought. Yet it has its good moments. But it can be very lonely and that can easily drive motivation down to depress our souls. The need to share at times is so very strong that just 5 minutes spent with another is beautiful, soul enriching and healing. Yet we often take it so much for granted.


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