gallery Life continues to change …

Time flies … as we all know it does… and I realise its been ages since I blogged. After now updating my site here and my Facebook page, thought its time to add some of the blogs I’ve written by hand in my journals, and update where I am in life …

After reading Florence Scovel Shin’s works, I set about putting concerted effort into affirmations and changing my life .. and worked on finding a fulfilling job that financially supports me and gives me joy, and I achieved this 🙂 … now 4 months on I’m loving the position I now have, working with a fantastic group of people, and able to use my skills in the health management field … and interestingly discovering what I excel at in this area … and its an area not many like .. but then I never professed to be normal :)… guess there’s enough geek in me to enjoy policies, procedures, analysis and data, methodically working through and fine-tune working practices in a clinical setting. And in doing this I have met some wonderful people in this new city I now reside in … its got me out and about … and challenged me returning full-time to the work force. Hindsight is always wonderful, and I see now that as I knew, I wasn’t ready to return to the work-force after pretty much crashing out from stress and exhaustion until I changed the way I’ve gone about job hunting and emailed the service – having the privilege of having met the CEO some years ago. And of course when things are meant to be, my email arrived at exactly the right time they were looking for someone to assist 🙂 But then as we know the Divine Universe works in wonderful ways, and we trust and have faith in ourselves, timing comes into sync, and the perfect opportunity falls into our lap 🙂

Seven months on from my relocation to this beautiful eastern city, and my life is blossoming, changing and moving forward, and I am enjoying being primarily at peace in myself, learning to find the balance very much-needed in life, finding my self-confidence again, and learning to let go and just be, and to live in the now, moment by moment, day by day. I’ve got back in contact with my creativity, channelled it into slightly different paths than in the past, and enjoy my photography, writing and recently art journalling. I’ve known it was coming, and was frustrated that it seemed so slow to arrive, but arrive it has, and I find at times my mind and pen overflowing with thoughts and ideas. And I am most certainly loving every minute. For me it is about channelling my mind into creativity, being productive and taking enjoyment for myself. None of this is done for another as such, though if they touch another that is such a beautiful bonus :). I think I find even more enjoyment knowing that it is for me that I do this. Not to produce something because I have to, but because I want to do so for myself. And it is all very much therapeutic and healing. I see the positives and benefits in myself day by day, I see the light returning, and feel the stress and darkness dissipating. That is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I am recreating a new me, and one that I love. I guess the main thing I have learnt is that I now do for myself first and foremost, not for anyone else, but because I want and choose to make changes to who I am.

I love my long-term best friends garden here, and I just have to wonder with my camera and check out what she has in it … tho in saying this it is her beautiful husband who is the gardener :). I love her lil gnome that sits in the front garden amongst her flowers 🙂

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