gallery Juggling life

To pick up pen and notepad and reflect on life and this what we call the human journey of the soul.

My head is filled with the dreams of last night; and they leave a residual feeling and emotion. Despite the dream journal by my bed, I find it hard to write in the middle of the night after an intense dream, so I often re-run it mentally, looking at the images, feeling sensations, looking for connections. Often I find them and that in itself is enough.

Yet someday’s I wake heavy-headed, like a fog, and it takes me a while to move. On these days my thoughts and ideas run rampant, all over the place, and yes without a key focus, almost as if there are so many things I could do. These thoughts and ideas are creative – as if it’s all unleashed – but I’m uncertain which one to do.

What is an over-riding theme however is:

  • Organising
  • Compartmentalising
  • Finding the space
  • Collecting the tools.

However the sense is often heavy and tiring and I feel a desire to rest again, sleep and just play out in my mind a beautiful fantasy. Again I am surrounded by that which I enjoy and have always wanted to do – and now that I have the time – it’s hard to FOCUS on one thing.

I read the following concept, but as I some times do, did not note where it came from …

Choose ONE thing to do each day that is ENJOYABLE, CREATIVE (heart)
Choose ANOTHER thing to do each day that is PRODUCTIVE, MEASURABLE that is on my to do list (mind)
Choose ONE thing to do today that is HEALTHY, PHYSICAL (body)
Choose ONE thing to do today just for the sake of it – no holds barred – and because I CAN (soul)

What am I doing? Nourishing my…

  • Mind (thought)
  • Body (physical)
  • Soul (knowing)
  • Heart (feeling)
  • Spirit (growth)

There are so many layers in a person…

  • Mind – thinking, rational, planning
  • Body – physical, doing, action
  • Heart – feeling, enjoying
  • Soul – deep satisfaction, knowing
  • Spirit – goddessence

So many aspects to our lives…

  • Home – being
  • Work – productive
  • Family – nurturing
  • Friends – encouraging
  • Love – sharing
  • Leisure – fun
  • Connectiveness – relaxing

The trick to life? To “juggle” every aspect of our life each day, where we can “feel” our “life”.

Yet each day is broken into packets, hours, minutes – with ‘moments’. And often it is in that ‘moment’ where we have the wonder, the pleasure, the sheer vitality of being (alone) alive.

And so we realise that we must build upon our moments, and we have the power of our self in every moment, to choose what we do then… each moment is a choice offered to ‘do’ something for ourself first and foremost.. and then for another (perhaps).

So giving permission to oneself each and every moment – knowing that is where true power resides – the moment of choice – each and every moment. Power of self resides in the moment – the second – and it resides every moment of every second that creates a minute – an hour – a day – a year – a lifetime.

Life is living each blessed moment


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