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Predawn … again … these days I wake early … my sleeping pattern has changed over so many years … There is something magickal in being awake before the sun … and in watching the sun come up.

Some years ago, when doing a crystal healing course with my beautiful friend Carol, she encouraged us to wake early and greet the sun rising in meditation … in giving thanks … in connecting to mother earth … and to share our energy with the trees. At that time, when I was working, I found this hard to do. These days, it is a frequent occurrence.

I see the magick of the turning of the planet … the trees, the sky, the earth, the sun and the moon.
Under this beautiful wide open space where my parents live in south east Queensland, I can fully appreciate the beauty and splendour of our beautiful earth.

So I sit here, with a cup of tea brewed by my beautiful mother, in the predawn; the kookaburras singing, greeting the new day, the birds chattering as they let us know of the new day. The sky lightens gradually, tho seemingly fast … there is a mist again on the earth … and there is something so beautiful and peaceful watching the mist covering the land, bringing early morning moisture to the green earth… knowing that the earth is refreshed … The sky is grey, perhaps rain will come.. The beautiful autumn rains …I love days like this … There is something so very magickal in days like this morning 🙂

The earth is fresh, being reborn again to a beautiful new day … What wonders today holds is unknown, unwritten … yet it is here for me to enjoy. I drive the three hours it takes to return home, through the beautiful winding roads … three hours because the speed limit is lower with the drive through the mountain range … the scenery spectacular .. and as I am these days, accompanied by my beautiful pooch Crystal. I return home with plants bought at the local garden expo, a couple of sticks collected from the ground, renewed appreciation for my parents and this beautiful earth .. and a collection of fantastic photos of the changing sky taken the past few days.

My mother has leant me a small book of quotes … and I opened todays … how incredibly fitting …

“Women of adventure have conquered their fates and know how to live exciting and fulfilling lives right where they are.
They have learned to reinvent themselves and find creative ways to enjoy the world and their place in it.
They know how to take mini-vacations, stop and smell the roses, and live fully in the moment.”
~Barbara Jenkins


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