gallery Peeling back another layer

It is interesting how the wheels of life turn; we think we have all yet there is continually something new, some new perspective or thought that we didn’t see. When this happens, change happens, transmutation, transformation and the alchemy of life.

I didn’t get the position I applied for .. In deed one for which I was overqualified but one which I knew I would enjoy doing … The reasoning that I didn’t fully answer as the interviewers wanted in regards to change management. That the recruiting consultant was very surprised encouraged me. I didn’t break down something I am so skilled in to be second nature .. And this is always a difficulty in people who are skilled and experienced in anything .. The difficulty in breaking down exactly how one does something … and this applies to every human being for we all have individual and unique skills in life.

I had the sense that if I wasn’t successful it would be ok .. Knowing I had all the skills and that perhaps it would come to whether I would fit in the company. Looking back I see that this would be the case, for whatever reason it is ok. What came out of my disappointment was the fact that my greatest fear has been lack … of finances… and tho I am ok at the present time I need to have a steady income very soon. For all the books and work on manifesting, perhaps the one that is so very valuable is ‘The Game of Life’ by Florence Scovell Shinn .. a metaphysician and healer born in the 1800s and passing away mid 1900’s. Her work is in a way so much clearer and deeper of many today.

What has been interesting is her relation in terms of God, Christ and the scriptures, placing a very different emphasis on them, allowing me to see clearer, and given my raising within a christian family and the church, has now, in tune with seeing clearer in other aspects, determined what faith means to me. I have I guess balked in recent years at calling on God and the Christ for whom I had questioned the validity of. Short of going into an in-depth analysis and explanation, this has perhaps placed a deeper feeling, and acceptance, of all that is, and my place in the game of life.

Affirmations now have a much deeper meaning, not just the superficial .. and perhaps an understanding of what is on a soul deep level … Embedding perhaps so that beliefs are changed forever, and true alchemy can occur.

Understanding that thought is one thing, but the power of the spoken word is so much stronger … Bringing into manifestation on the physical plane … ‘in the beginning was the word’… And the word was truth. I liken the game of life to a soul journey of growth and transmutation … Change .. Alchemy … To lift the veil of confusion from our eyes, ears, heart and soul … In order to truly live the life that is ours by Divine right.

As a close friend said … ‘A block has been removed .. You are now one step further’ … And at first I didn’t understand .. What the block was, was the realisation on a deep level what my driving force was … Fear based and not Faith based… And this in itself is, I want to say hard but it’s not … It just seems that way … Its taking the leap of faith and stepping forward in complete trust that all is well and exactly as it should be .. Again going with the flow of the river of life …

Synchronicity .. So now I understand why my ankles have given me problems … The fear of stepping out in faith .. And why I have certain other aches and pains and health issues .. It now makes perfect sense and I can see so much more clearly the road i need to travel … A total change at soul level … To that of true faith and trust in the divinity of life … The God consciousness and Christ consciousness within and without that allows us to reach out and receive in loving abundance all that is ours if we choose to claim it by divine right. And yes, this is an ongoing process, as I peel back the layers until I understand in perfect acceptance this lesson in life.

Fear holds us back … Faith gives us freedom … Wings to fly …

So my question … Is each thought, desire, belief and action fear based or lovingly faith based?

I Am that I Am … and I choose to walk now in Faith … trusting and knowing that all is indeed well in my world …

And yeah.. theres a little niggle still there letting me know that there is still more work to be done on this … And the answer will come in time 🙂


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