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So much has been stimulating me lately … my inspiration and creativity is flowing rampant … ideas, dreams and visions… all is being pulled together like the drawstring of a magickal bag .. holding the space within where everything becomes connected, linked and known … like the putting together of a jigsaw puzzle … tho i had no completed picture to work with .. it frustrated me .. yet i knew inside it was there … waiting … patiently .. for me .. and the right time … and now that time is here and now … and i move to another layer of myself and my life .. where i am learning how wonderful and blessed life is … and i am thankful and grateful .. i am confident and at peace .. excited and exuberant .. blissful … with a deep inner peace and knowing that i have in the now all that i want and need … that i have all the resources and capacity within me …

i use so many things for inspiration … art work – photos – saying – quotes – articles – books .. they gel together allowing my creative soul to rise .. for so long i have squashed it and held it back .. having been drawn into the fear and darkness of money, power, ego, and hard work and thanklessness …

so what is it that i want …

continuing flowing income together with time, energy and space in which to create and share and be .. where i can live every moment being me and loving my life … honouring the universe … and giving back all that i know and experience .. my wisdom and knowledge … where i can live in harmony with life and nature and myself …

my life is a creative expression and inspiration to everyone whose path i cross .. i learn and guide … i am student and teacher .. master and guide…

my gentleness expands … my passion for life spirals outwards .. i touch and am touched by others ..

i experience my bliss and enable others to experience theirs …

so my creativity grows daily … where once i was afraid and sad that i did not feel i was capable of creating from a blank canvas i now feel that capacity growing and surfacing …

my heart and head begin to work together in harmony…

i now embrace the opportunity i have to live the life i have always wanted, desired, wished for and dreamt of … and now realise i can have and do have …

the opportunity to step forward, begin and embrace a new meaningful life of joy and happiness … to EXPERIENCE FULLY all that is around and within me …

i give permission to myself to create .. to work with the blank canvas …to create my own – unique – style ..

i do so by drawing on my 50 years of life experiences … good, bad and indifferent ..

i do so by building and recognising my strengths .. acknowledging and working with my weaknesses ..

i do so by bringing heart – mind – and soul – into harmony …


i let it flow
gather and build and unfold
patiently, respectfully and reverently
thankfully and gratefully
with compassion and loving
kindness to my being

i embrace myself
my life – my being
i see the beauty in me
internally and externally
i see the beauty and wonder
in the earth and universe
i see the beauty and passion
in everyone around me
i encourage, support, guide and nudge
everyone around me
i am an example, a role model
to everyone i meet







LIKE … such an undervalued word .. want .. need .. desire .. different feeling and emotions ..

for me ‘like’ encompasses simple … simplicity – appreciation and knowing…

what i like – what i would like – a gentle passion and desire .. heartfelt and meaningful .. in touch with my inner soul …

i know what i would like .. i know what i d o like …

so much more powerful than we realise …

let it swell within us and branch out .. grow and create .. and blossom into our lives … radiating our joy and bliss …

that it becomes a LOVE .. no longer a need, want or desire … but a REALITY …

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