gallery Inspired by love … a renewed passion for life

I picked up one of my notebooks whilst sorting out boxes of ‘stuff’ … dated 11-1-11 I wrote … “Enjoy the social experiment that is what we call living as a human here on earth” … interesting concept …

Inspired by love, the goddess within, and the reawakening of my feminine divinity, I wrote the following on 17-11-11… in pencil .. very gently as I seem unable to do so with pen lol …

My life flows

My mind flies

My spirit soars

Inspiration unbound

Living life

My creative juices a-flow

I want to dance and sing

Paint and draw

Garden and weed

Heal and nurture

Learn and expand

The earth and sky are limitless

The moon my inspiration

The earth my playground

The sky my freedom

The universe is mine

I am a Goddess

Full in my power

Strength and


My life overflows

My love immense

My serenity a new found bliss

I celebrate

Embrace and

Rejoice in

All that is and

All that I am

Life is a heaven on earth

I am thankful

Grateful and


So I want to share

To inspire

Welcome and


All my beloved fellow

Sleeping Goddesses

To wake and dance anew


One song has been predominant in recent weeks, perhaps because it is the first on my ipod in the car (I so love my beautiful new ‘smexi’ car) …

GRACE by U2 …

followed by MYSTERIOUS WAYS also by U2 …

These two embody and symbolise aspects of the Goddess in me that I choose now to let loose and embrace …

Another by U2 – SOMETIMES YOU CAN”T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN reminds me that we can’t always go it alone.

And I am so very thankful for my beautiful friends who are there to support, listen, encourage, share, guide and nudge me along my life’s journey.


A womans journey …

To reawaken her divine feminine

The Goddess within

To embrace

Celebrate and

Dance her way through life


Interestingly, Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, is a lunar goddess of pleasure – music and dance 🙂

I had a flashback to age 20 or so, when my girlfriend and I choreographed and danced on stage for our local church youth event .. I can’t quite recall the song at the moment … but I remember it being an expression of flowing thankfulness and grace … and I am amazed that I had the confidence to do so … so much I have forgotten over the years of the person I was in my young adulthood …

Suffice to say, that although I grew up in the church, my father a man of the cloth, I no longer follow the Christian faith .. I have found it too limiting, too rigid, and it does not gel with my deep inner beliefs .. and in fact has not done so for most of my life … I guess it is really only the past 10 -12 years or so that I have totally realised this and have chosen to follow my own path .. the path of the universe … and now to embrace the path of the Goddess …

Towards the middle of the day that I wrote the above prose, when I sensed an overwhelming flow and began to think I need to slow and pace myself … having been on very much a totally inspirational and creatively flowing journey for some weeks … and that after a long period of darkness and erratic mood swings … I wrote the following …


Words flow

My mind and talents unfettered

In full bloom

My creativity and expansiveness

Is limitless

Slow down, reflect, sit and listen

Watch, observe, and feel

Sense, smell, and taste

The richness of the earth

No running away

No escapism

But pure enjoyment

Yet I fear … a crash …

Will this end?

Is it too much?

I reign myself in …

For a little while anyway


So I took time out, tidied my house and organised my working and study files … Created a new working file for my new expanded business concept … hunted out my pens, papers, papers and art gear … I ‘copied’ in my own hand images of the Goddess in woman that I want to work with and explore … I have always felt unable to start from scratch on a blank canvas .. feeling that I do not have the capacity to create from scratch .. but requiring some thing to work from … however I feel this changing, sense the gradual opening of my creative talents re-emerging, feel them slowly working to surface, gaining confidence, growing and expanding … and I know that very soon I will be painting and drawing from my internal inspiration … of course everyone has some form of inspiration … that which they draw on …yet I have too long felt even this was blocked … so I smile now, feel the joy blossoming, as I know that these blocks are rapidly dissolving, as so much else is, as I come alive in the joy of life and love and my own unique blessed self … and find in myself a renewed passion for life 🙂

Recognise your Beauty

Radiate your Joy

(bumper sticker)

my beautiful geek goddess daughter took the photos above in Bali in September 🙂

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