gallery Six months on

Well the best intentions were to blog my journey in beginning my kinesiology practice …. however as many well-intentioned plans end up, this did not occur. Life, my personal journey, interrupted along the way and resulted in undergoing a major transformational shift in my personal life. One that is still very much continuing to change on a rapid basis. In terms of my personal journey, I use my other personal blog … ‘confronting the realities of oneself’ ….

This blog will continue to chronicle my life goal of developing and building my own healing practice … in Kinesiology … but rather than the original idea of journalling my progress, it will develop more into a general blog of the benefits of Kinesiology and energetic / vibrational medicine, which is my main passion.

Electronic and web-based marketing is very much the mode of today, and with that i have created and put together a number of web-based pages … and at this stage am currently working to update them all … and the list seems to grow longer each week. But then one of the keys to marketing is to publicise and increase the reach of ones business.

So i guess in short, to list the pages i now have created (and yes to remind me of what i have and which i need to update on a regular basis). However in saying that, the majority is not too bad given the wonderful invention of the iPhone and iPad (yes i am a convert) and perhaps i should also say here that i am rather an e-geek. So with the availability of many social media, marketing and blog site apps on iPhone/iPad it does make life so much easier than dragging out the laptop or finding time to sit on the main computer. Hmmm Twitter … yes i did create a personal page there but have never used it to date … perhaps in the near future it would be worthwhile, particularly considering Twitter can be linked to so many sites now … thereby allowing one ‘tweet’ to upload to all relevant sites and update current and prospective followers.

So to date the following is where i can be found …

Facebook – business page …

Natural Therapy Pages …

Hmm i think that is it so far … i guess a google search of Maaral Kinesiology will find me at a number of places

and of course my current place of work is Herbs for Health …

At this point I guess the most significant influence on marketing and getting my business profile updated and spread, together with determining what it is I want to achieve and how to do so, has been through the extraordinary support of a wonderful business/life coach, Lorraine Garvie, Extra Mile Coaching, So for anyone starting their own practice / business, I highly recommend utilising the skills, expertise and support of a business coach. I meet fortnightly with Lorraine and we discuss both life/ personal and business paths, goals, and progress.

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