gallery Total decadence

Bali Gardens 😀

Absolute decadence … Lounging by the beautiful serene spa pool .. Lazing back under bali huts fronting the pool .. Drinks and food brought to you .. A pleasant haven shared with the older set … Beautiful sight to see the elderly relaxing and lazily swimming back and forth in the tranquil pool .. Secluded and surrounded by palms, frangipani and bird of paradise .. Watched over by a small bali temple … What more could one want??

Elley caught up with Holly whos staying in a vila on the other side of the island .. They will spend the day together and sleep over at her vila .. Think theyre taking in a caberet tonight .. Holly arrived with her personal driver .. Glad that she will spend some time with her girlfriend and see some different sights of Bali … Shes starting to relax more now 🙂

Hmmm waiter is here … Bali Comet … Kahlua vodka coffee moka and cream .. And a club sandwich .. Of course walking and a swim will be needed to burn off additional calories …

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