gallery Bali

First day in Bali … Hmmm decided not to take house keys nd forgot id put keys to locks for cases on them … Oh well pliers and a gracious balinese gentleman solved the problem of accessing the cases …. Of course i had to tell my son and friend at home and receive smart comments … One has to laugh at the small things in life ….

Elley decided not to sleep the night before we left so spent most of the plane trip with her head on my lap … Children never grow too old for their mothers cuddles …

Bali Gardens is a lovely resort … Water lillies in the ponds, tropical surroundings and fronting the beach … The people are lovely and generous and yes very persistent for a sale in most areas … Understandably so … Wandered and window shopped … Not intending to do much shopping – sarongs nd bintang tops are about the limit for me .. Sadly the beautiful wooden carvings cant be taken home … Tho theyre now readily available at home …

Elley succumbed to pressure from Gail and I and got a bikini … The pools too beautiful not to spend time relaxing in it …

My cameras are out and will be used heavily .. So many fantastic shots to take …

Im curious about their ‘offerings’ which are everywhere and the smell of incense is sweet but not overpowering ..

Our legs got good exercise walking along the beach and through Kuta … I think perhaps a daily routine to walk especially if we keep indulging in frappacinos and icecreams lol …

At 830am day 2 im showered dressed and ready for breakfast, when the other two surface and get ready..

We’ve booked next monday for a full day trip up to Abud and other places… Im keen to visit a temple and see a bit of the country … Tho its very easy to spend time at the hotel and surrounds and relax … When i do unwind some more …

Thankfully its not too hot and humid … Very pleasant tho the air conditioned rooms are a welcome relief after wandering around …



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