gallery The Journey Begins

What an amazing turn of events in the past month. I seriously did not think a month ago that I would be where I am now … about to start my Kinesiology practice on Monday … Valentines Day … an auspicious day perhaps.

This is my journal of my journey into the world of realising my dream of creating my natural therapy / complementary health practice / business.

I guess what I intend to achieve here is to blog what happens in this journey, providing an opportunity for reflection and contemplation, allowing one to review what has occurred as well as to plan what is to occur.

As this venture is totally new for me, having been in paid employment to others for the 30 years of my working career, I know their will be many new, exciting and painful things occurring. It is always good to reflect on where one has been and to consider where one is going, as it allows one to measure the steps, be they small or large, and to congratulate oneself for goals achieved and success, as well as to reconsider where things work out and change what needs to be changed.

I am leaving here at this point … providing just a brief introduction … but will continue to develop and grow this blog as part of my own professional development, and perhaps as an opportunity for others venturing on this path to learn and share from my travels.


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