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The silent hidden depths of the soul are the most powerful force waiting to be unlocked, lightened and brought to fruition.

The mystery of life is within us all. It is not some cosmic wonder, some numerical equation, some symbolic meaning. It is the unequivocal power that is inherent in every living thing. But it is not always in consciousness. The mystery is the realisation, the understanding of the nature of human kind in its current physical form.

It is the soul light within each and every one. The soul light that holds the power to love, to heal, to create. It is found in the peace and stillness of the soul when all human thought, feeling and action is set aside. Only then can true meaning be found.

But we live in fear of our greatness, our power. We have been told that we can not be greater than we are, having continually had our light squashed by those who wish to diminish anothers power, so that their own meagre egocentric self made power can be seen. For some can and will only be seen when others around them are squashed, diminished and negated. For their own flame is weak and will not sustain itself beside the love and light of those who are sensitive to all that is.

But those whose sensitivity doesn’t not allow them the strength to stand alone in the light and love of the power can not make this an excuse. Their purpose is to shake off the fear – the limitations – the sensitivities that impact on their own ego and sprout upwards, shining their light and love and exercising the power that is their birthright.

hmmm – wrote this couple of years ago… thought I’d put it in blog …

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