gallery Shadows in the Desert

When eyes of the wolf

Catch my spirit in the darkness

Feathers from my shield

Flew with the direction of the sky

Pictures in a book of my life

Hold many memories of the past

Voice of the drum, beating of my heart,

The melody in a desert

Where goanna has built a house

Shadows of the ancestors

Covered in the plains

They don’t need to hear the voice of your prayers

To know where you’re walking

And what troubles you may have

You can always call on their names

You don’t need to hold their hands

For their spirits to be there

To give you back

The bones of your grandmother

We have never parted

~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~ *

Wiosua Vieslana

This was ‘given’ to me in a reading some years ago … i have only just come across it again … and now it makes sense to me 🙂

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