gallery And so I begin …

well ….. and the words start … what am i doing? …

as my son said to me yesterday … mum you need to set some goals, do something you like …. sage words of wisdom from my 18 year old. Ok he’s in Uni so I guess that counts for something 😛

why am i here? … this is my journal, the ramblings and wanderings of a (partly) reformed perfectionist and control freak who is slowly peeling back the layers (i prefer the parfait variety rather than the onion) of who i am; coming to terms with the reality of my life here on planet earth, and trying to find some semblance of who i am and what i actually want in my life …

i have started countless journals, have a number of half finished ones, blank ones waiting for words of wisdom, all with the ‘plan’ to write more often. i was told some time ago that i need to write things down, so that i leave something behind, for my family if nothing else. in this day and age i am far more computer literate, and type much faster than i can hand write … and i need this because my brain travels at lightning speed and my hands cant keep pace with my thoughts …

so this is me … my life … my journey … my thoughts and ideas, my philosophies and beliefs … and while they are not always the norm, tho at many times i gather they are, they are mine … in terms of how i have interpreted what i have learnt and what i have come to know as my truth …

so for none other reason than to create my own journal using this format, i have created this page… i have no real idea where it will go … who knows … but i do know that i intend to enjoy my writings even if no-one else does …

one thing tho i will note … i do not capitalise or punctuate in the correct sense … i am not writing for university or for the public … i am writing for me and mine and this is how i prefer … and this is for my enjoyment alone 🙂


~~ photo taken burleigh heads – queensland sunrise … over the pacific ocean ~~

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